Monday, July 2, 2007

Lobsterpalooza....well, sort of.

Well, we didn't exactly find striking evidence of Lobsterpalooza on Cape Breton Island. However, our friends ensured that we would at least have something lobster-related when we got home.

It is a tradition among Em's college roommates to decorate the house/apt. of a newly married roommate when the couple is away on their honeymoon. Heather & Jeremy came home from Hawaii to find their apartment strewn with a few hundred leis...some easier to find than others. Sarah & Steve went to England & Scotland on their honeymoon and arrived home to find almost every figurine or stuffed animal in the house wearing its own little kilt (including all the foosball players). They also had a distillery recreated from their hot water heater (complete with stuffed Veggie Tales stuffed toys with drink containers, I believe), the fields of heather and sheep on another table, and Bath, England recreated as a kiddie swimming pool that Heather kept adding food coloring to in order to make it as gross-looking as it apparently is in real life.

We got lobsters.

In other lobster news, some fantastic lobster bibs from Calvin & Kelly arrived last week. They had asked us about sending a mysterious "something" to us while we were in Nova Scotia, but we didn't have an actual address (just a P.O. Box) for the only place we'd be staying at for more than 2 nights.