Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring fever!

The Kansas City weather has been up and down, but the kids have been loving the outdoor time. Here are some recent pics:

Elizabeth shows off her version of appropriate running attire during a trip to the track so Dave (and Ben) could run.  Outfit and accessories coming soon to an athletic store near you.

Sarah A. sent this wonderful music geek shirt for Elizabeth :)

Being goofy with her bunny from Great-Grandma Anne. Note the choice of her favorite orange socks to go with the purple, blue & green skirt.

Enjoying the swings at the park. She still seems to like these better than the big kid swings.

Ben LOVES being outdoors!

Here's a shot from the same swings when Ben was almost 2:

Ben at almost 2
Ben at 5 1/2

Elizabeth has been watching Ben play on the Kindle and occasionally gets a few minutes to listen to the storybook reader app. This night, she wanted the Kindle, so I decided to introduce her to the Swedish Chef while I finished making dinner. She was enthralled by his cooking antics and kept asking, "What IS this?" (one of her favorite questions).

This was Teacher Appreciation Week and one of the school's suggestions was to make a picture/write a note for the teachers. Elizabeth decided she wanted one for each of her teachers, so we printed out "Thank you for being my teacher" and after a suggestion from Ben, she decided she wanted to finger paint them. This is kind of crazy, since she usually will only paint with brushes and doesn't like certain textures on her hands. Ben was the same way at her age. I'm not sure if it's due to her beloved Ben suggesting it, but she had a blast.

"This is fun!"

Ben used stickers from his Easter basket and typed a note on the computer for his teachers.

Very focused in decorating a sign for another teacher we thought of later.

Elizabeth loves singing and was repeating the ABCs as she decorated a card for her daycare director. She got a little distracted midway through this rendition, noticing that there were letters on the paper!