Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We're going to the World Series!!

Well, we're not technically going to the World Series, as tickets are currently going for $750+ a piece. So we'll be watching from the comfort of our home. But our Royals are headed there for the first time in 29 years! We're hoping they got the extra-inning, tight score stuff out of their systems & we can just win in regulation 9-inning, large margin games so our poor nerves can get a break!

(Ben is currently muttering something about the Royals in his sleep as I type this.)

Ben's after-school program put the game on the cafeteria's big pull-down screen, which probably saved the poor staff from getting score request updates from Ben every 2 minutes. Even Elizabeth's day care had the game going on the radio in the common area and out on the playground!  Our friend Eric went out looking for American League champion shirts after the game. They were sold out of adult sizes, but he kindly picked up one for Ben. Ben's school is allowing Royals shirts for the rest of the week instead of the regular uniform.

So we can breathe a little until next Tuesday, when it starts back up again! What an exciting ride!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ben-ism of the day

In religion class this week, Ben's class has been talking about how God made us. Tonight he asked me where exactly his heart was in his chest, and when I pointed it out, I explained that the heart pumps blood throughout his body and keeps him alive. He looked amazed at this and said, "Wow! It helps us love AND does that?"

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Day 2 Report

"Kindergarten is AWESOME!!"

Another half-day of school and Ben's first afternoon in after-school care. He'd been nervous about it, but had a great time. The new PE teacher is the after-school co-director, so they got to do races and play soccer in the gym this afternoon. Ben was happily playing a computer game in the lab when I arrived to pick him up and the director said he'd had a great day.

Ben was also very proud of himself for doing well at what he labeled Mass, but sounded more like a short religion class where the priest said some prayers and they practiced where to sit. "I came in quietly and I sat really still and quiet. It was the best, best, best I've ever done at church!" He got to meet his 8th grade buddy, who will sit with him at regular weekly Masses (tomorrow is the first), and also told us he has a new friend in his kindergarten class.

Tomorrow is another half-day, but I'll be able to pick him up at dismissal. He told me this morning, "Mommy, you can choose where we go to eat, because you hardly ever get the chance to choose." I'm not sure if this was in greater part a) sweet or b) trying to con me into taking him out to lunch without my noticing it wasn't my original plan!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More pics

On Monday, Ben brought roses as a thank you for Miss Jody and Miss Phyllis, his wonderful preschool teachers for the past 2 years. Here he is with his beloved Miss Jody.

 Ben enjoyed his first half-day at school. They took a tour of the school to find the paper gingerbread men who were hung by important classrooms, read some books, and had recess. He chose his favorite buffet for his special back-to-school lunch, because what says starting kindergarten more than sushi and ice cream?

Ben's First Day of Kindergarten!

Ben's first day of kindergarten was today. Last night we went to Meet The Teacher night, where he dropped off his school supplies and got to go around his classroom and the rest of the school. There are three kindergarten classes, each with 15 kids, which is really nice. He was very excited and did just fine at drop-off.

First day of school breakfast!

I'm not sure what he's telling Elizabeth in this one!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Doing my part for international relations

... at least for the part of the international community that roots for the Kansas City Royals.
Another take on the same story:!bxBASi

Monday, July 7, 2014

Trip to Michigan/Ohio

The kids and I spent last week on the road, visiting my grandma in Ohio and then spending the rest of the week in Michigan with my parents, and Tony, Jen, and Gwen. It was a lot packed into a week, but it was good family time. Plus, Buddy's Pizza and Bumpy Cake for my birthday!

Visiting Grandma/Great-Grandma

Chef & Chef-in-Training (per their matching aprons) making pancakes

Ben and Uncle Tony playing Ben's baseball game. Tony probably kept him slightly more honest on the score than he usually is when playing solo!

Ben & Papa setting up Ben's new telescope

Elizabeth trying out her new owl backpack

Bumpy Cake for my birthday! Ben was proud that he helped by putting the candles in correct order.

Elizabeth had fun with a motorized bike and a trike borrowed from Gwen.

Papa helping Elizabeth on the trike

Ben did great on this borrowed bike sent from Uncle Bill.
Uncle Tony helping Elizabeth fly in his & Jen's new backyard

Elizabeth, Gwen & Grammie cuddling

Showing off her new 4th of July shirt

Elizabeth & Gwen in the wagon

Elizabeth in her stylish bike-riding attire

"Papa, let's play baseball!"

Three generations of goofiness :)