Monday, July 7, 2014

Trip to Michigan/Ohio

The kids and I spent last week on the road, visiting my grandma in Ohio and then spending the rest of the week in Michigan with my parents, and Tony, Jen, and Gwen. It was a lot packed into a week, but it was good family time. Plus, Buddy's Pizza and Bumpy Cake for my birthday!

Visiting Grandma/Great-Grandma

Chef & Chef-in-Training (per their matching aprons) making pancakes

Ben and Uncle Tony playing Ben's baseball game. Tony probably kept him slightly more honest on the score than he usually is when playing solo!

Ben & Papa setting up Ben's new telescope

Elizabeth trying out her new owl backpack

Bumpy Cake for my birthday! Ben was proud that he helped by putting the candles in correct order.

Elizabeth had fun with a motorized bike and a trike borrowed from Gwen.

Papa helping Elizabeth on the trike

Ben did great on this borrowed bike sent from Uncle Bill.
Uncle Tony helping Elizabeth fly in his & Jen's new backyard

Elizabeth, Gwen & Grammie cuddling

Showing off her new 4th of July shirt

Elizabeth & Gwen in the wagon

Elizabeth in her stylish bike-riding attire

"Papa, let's play baseball!"

Three generations of goofiness :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated Father's Day with a delicious brunch at Rye, then watched some soccer back at Opa's before heading home to call Papa. Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

May pics

Dave ran the Chiefs' "Finish on the 50" 5K on May 10. The kids and I went to watch him run and actually got to go on the field at Arrowhead Stadium when the runners were coming in. Ben was in hog heaven!!

Ben and Dave met the Chiefs' mascot, KC Wolf. Elizabeth was in my arms, repeatedly  stating, "I not like KC Woof!" She now demands to see this picture regularly and will vacillate between "I like KC Woof" and "I no like him."

Elizabeth had outgrown the toddler Chiefs outfit she had, so while we were there, we got her a new Chiefs t-shirt, which she adores. If you ask her, she can identify her "Go Chiefs" and "Go Woyals" shirts by their logos. Sadly not pictured: the runner dressed in a Pope outfit, complete with pope hat with Chiefs' logo.

My Uncle Bill has been finding & fixing up bikes and set two aside for the kids. They are absolutely thrilled and ask to ride just about every day. With our house being at the top of a hill, that's a little difficult, but we have a dead end nearby, so that has been a good place for Ben to ride.

Ben's first try on the bike.

Bright new helmet!

Elizabeth's ready to race on her tricycle!

For Mother's Day we went to Ingredient & the kids (and whichever adults they roped in) had a good time playing on the green space outside the restaurant after brunch.

After running around and playing with the water, Elizabeth decided to start dancing to her own music. She has a wonderfully silly sense of humor and likes being goofy at times. This was one of those times!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring fever!

The Kansas City weather has been up and down, but the kids have been loving the outdoor time. Here are some recent pics:

Elizabeth shows off her version of appropriate running attire during a trip to the track so Dave (and Ben) could run.  Outfit and accessories coming soon to an athletic store near you.

Sarah A. sent this wonderful music geek shirt for Elizabeth :)

Being goofy with her bunny from Great-Grandma Anne. Note the choice of her favorite orange socks to go with the purple, blue & green skirt.

Enjoying the swings at the park. She still seems to like these better than the big kid swings.

Ben LOVES being outdoors!

Here's a shot from the same swings when Ben was almost 2:

Ben at almost 2
Ben at 5 1/2

Elizabeth has been watching Ben play on the Kindle and occasionally gets a few minutes to listen to the storybook reader app. This night, she wanted the Kindle, so I decided to introduce her to the Swedish Chef while I finished making dinner. She was enthralled by his cooking antics and kept asking, "What IS this?" (one of her favorite questions).

This was Teacher Appreciation Week and one of the school's suggestions was to make a picture/write a note for the teachers. Elizabeth decided she wanted one for each of her teachers, so we printed out "Thank you for being my teacher" and after a suggestion from Ben, she decided she wanted to finger paint them. This is kind of crazy, since she usually will only paint with brushes and doesn't like certain textures on her hands. Ben was the same way at her age. I'm not sure if it's due to her beloved Ben suggesting it, but she had a blast.

"This is fun!"

Ben used stickers from his Easter basket and typed a note on the computer for his teachers.

Very focused in decorating a sign for another teacher we thought of later.

Elizabeth loves singing and was repeating the ABCs as she decorated a card for her daycare director. She got a little distracted midway through this rendition, noticing that there were letters on the paper!