Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spring Photos

Elizabeth at Easter

They should make "I Am Made of Awesome" shirts in adult sizes too. We all need the reminder. Ben was spiritually offended when she first tried this on, protesting that she was NOT made of awesome, that God had made her out of bones and blood. I countered that God made her out of those things PLUS a good helping of awesome. He was dubious.

Ben is a member of the Chiefs' Kids' Club, so we were invited to Movie Night at Arrowhead Stadium to see Big Hero 6. There was a good number of families, but it wasn't overcrowded.  On the concourse, they had games and people to meet. Elizabeth got to meet some very sweet Chiefs cheerleaders and hold a pom-pom. They both got to pet a turtle from the KC Zoo. Elizabeth called the Chiefs' horse "a baby cow" or something equally odd and wanted to pet it, but there was a big line, so we settled for a beanbag toss that won her yet another cheap bead necklace.

Ben got his face painted at school one day. They had another lady in on another day who did really fancy designs and he got a baseball on fire.

We headed down to Texas for Memorial Day weekend. The lakes on the property were ridiculously high compared to last year, so we didn't get to go fishing at the regular lake, but found plenty of other fun things to do. There was weeping from both kids when we had to leave. 

Elizabeth decided on an unorthodox pillow position for her nap in the car.

Elizabeth chilling out with Calvin and Dave

Cal and Kelly were replacing the mattresses in part of the cabin, so the kids used the old ones as trampolines all weekend and had a blast. Ben & Elizabeth are going to be so sad to find out that they're not permanent.
Hula-hooping back at home

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