Thursday, June 21, 2007

The gang is back in KC!

Our internet access dropped out shortly after we posted our first entry from lovely Cape Breton Island, and we haven't had a chance to update until now. We all arrived back in Kansas City safely a little over a week ago and have been settling in after our wonderful honeymoon. With Em's boxes moving in and Eric's boxes moving out, there are boxes everywhere! The kitty would love to use them as her personal climbing gym, but we have been keeping her mostly in her room so she feels safe and we don't have to worry about her eating bubble wrap or packing tape. She is enjoying peering out at her kingdom from the second story window.

Well, we didn't find the real Pinchy, despite the promises of the Lobsterpalooza website that he would be at the Port Hawkesbury Visitors' Center. However, we found a substitute Pinchy, seen above with Joshua Lawrence Chimperlain and Stampey (in a U-Dayton shirt!). Dave suggests thinking of this Pinchy as one of the real Pinchy's helpers, since Pinchy is apparently too busy to be everywhere (like Santa and the mall Santas).

We are still working on sorting through our photos (we took about 3,000! Behold the power of digital cameras!) and will post some of the good ones from Cape Breton and PEI. Up next: random Canadian food we stumbled upon during a stop at the Baddeck Co-Op grocery store.

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