Sunday, April 13, 2008

New desk!

I finally got a new desk this weekend. I had a large corner desk for several years, but knew it wouldn't fit in this house, so I left it in Columbus. Since I moved here, my iMac has been sitting on an old desk from my dad's elementary school, while my printer has been on an extra Rubbermaid. The school desk is lovely, but it's way too small for a computer desk. After looking around at several places off and on for months, I decided on a desk from Target. Dave & I put it together today and it looks quite nice. The color also matches well with the headboard on the guest bed which shares the room. The middle drawer is a pull-out keyboard tray that works much better than holding the keyboard on my lap, as I have been doing! I think I will try to find some of those velcro ties to corral the unruly computer cords at the back.

At some point, I may get the printer stand/file cabinet to allow me to move the printer off the desk and have some writing room. Picture from Target's website:

To come later: Royals game photos and Em's upcoming trip to Branson with the 427 Irving girls!

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