Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Straight Outta Osborne

I'm not one who's big on the whole "Buy Local" concept ... with one notable exception. The family-owned Shatto Milk Company of Osborn, Missouri (about an hour outside of Kansas City) has provided my milk of choice for the last six years. Their skim milk tastes better than the higher fat varieties produced by the large dairies, and they produce excellent flavored milks as well (especially the chocolate milk, a surprisingly good root beer milk, and, around Christmas, eggnog). Since moving back to KC, Emily has become hooked on Shatto milk as well, and it's a given that one or two distinctive Shatto glass bottles can always be found in our refrigerator.

So, considering how much we like the milk, you can imagine how excited Emily and I were when we learned that the Shattos had started making ice cream. Unfortunately, it didn't appear that our nearby Price Chopper was carrying it (yet, if we have anything to say about it). Further investigation revealed that only three area grocery stores currently carry Shatto ice cream. Undeterred, we made the twenty-five mile journey to Lenexa, Kansas, and came home with these:

Needless to say, it's just as good as we'd hoped. And, no, we're not sharing.


Christian Sinclair, MD said...

Did you see the article in the Pitch about Shatto a few weeks back?

Never tried them myself. The typography and container design is pretty slick. Will have to look it up in my grocery stores.

(FYI, I work with Emily)

Em said...

The Pitch article was the first we'd heard about the ice cream, and that led us to go hunting for it in Lenexa over the weekend. It is pretty good & very rich!

We found the Shatto fans Facebook group and posted on there asking when they'd start stocking the ice cream at more stores.

We also thought it might be fun to drive up to the Shatto farm at some point; they have tours most days, I think, and special days once or twice a year.