Friday, December 19, 2008

Still no progress

We had another doctor's appointment this morning. The baby is still doing fine, but has made himself very comfortable and is making very little progress toward being born. The doctor started talking to us about induction dates. We were having trouble deciding between the two dates she proposed- the 26th & 29th- so she sent us for an ultrasound to see how big the baby is. At this point in the pregnancy, I have heard that the weight estimates are of variable accuracy, but the baby, who they think is about 8 pounds, looked pretty cramped. Once the doctor heard the estimated weight, she immediately suggested the earlier induction date. So if the baby doesn't decide to arrive on his own, I will check into the hospital the evening of December 25th and they will start the induction early on the morning of the 26th.


Katie & Eric said...

Hang in there you two! :) I hope everything goes well this week and I am looking forward to meeting Grudzilanik M. Olschki. And yes, that is a hint. It is a lot better than Dane.

Rachel Pawson said...

Hey, welcome to the "My Kid's Birthday is Too Close to Christmas" Club! In fact, we finished dividing Adam's big pile of gifts into Christmas and birthday just the other day. ;) It does add some special excitement to the holiday season, though!

Hope everything goes wonderfully!

Sarah said...

Hi Em,
I'm praying that you have one of those freakishly easy deliveries, where you are halfway through labor before you realize it, and afterward you are so excited about the experience that you can't wait to have another little Grudzilanik.