Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 months old!

Our little Ben is 3 months old today! It was a big week for us, as it was my second week at work and Ben's first at daycare. He seems to be adjusting fairly well, and the teachers say he loves watching the other kids. When I dropped him off on Monday, several of the kids were chattering and his eyes got so wide, as if he were thinking, "Hey, there are other people who speak my language!" He will be home tomorrow with me as we gird up for what will either be a HUGE, MASSIVE, INCREDIBLY BIG BLIZZARD (as breathlessly promised by the local TV weather people)... or probably more likely, an inch or two of snow that the National Weather Service is predicting.

At three months, Ben:
  • Has discovered these wonderful, tasty things called hands

  • LOVES his mobile.

I mean, seriously, people, have you SEEN how awesome this is? I could just watch it for hours and woe to anyone who lets it run out without immediately running back in my room to rewind it. What do you mean, you're so sick of hearing Brahms' "Lullaby"?

  • Will play on his activity mat at home or at daycare for several minutes on his own. But it's hard work, so sometimes he just has to stop & take a nap. Note that he still has the giraffe's leg firmly gripped in his hand.

  • Likes being swaddled and sleeps better that way, but is developing into quite the little Houdini, starting from his burrito baby pose with either his Miracle Blanket or his Gloege/Cline blanket...

And gradually working himself out...

Until we find him like this some mornings:

More pictures to come!

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Allison said...

He's so adorable!!!