Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meals are more fun when they're messy!

Ben has been enjoying most of his food lately. He's still not sold on non-pureed green beans and vacillates on macaroni & cheese and pasta, but he loves grilled cheese sandwiches, Cheerios, apple slices, meat, and blueberry applesauce.

He likes bananas, but sometimes they're a little too slippery to be finger food. Our solution has been to coat them in crushed Cheerios so he can get a grip on them, which works well but also leaves a total mess!

Below is the result of eating his beloved blueberry applesauce. I'd made a large batch of homemade applesauce a few weeks ago and cooked a few portions of that with some frozen blueberries one morning. I'm not sure if Ben had eaten blueberries prior to that, but he sure likes them a lot! He keeps signing "more" even after he's polished off a good-sized bowl!

Friday morning I'd just cooked up a new batch of blueberry applesauce but it needed to cool down before Ben could eat it. We gave him some oat crackers with soy butter (looks like peanut butter but okay for babies) to start on, then fed him the applesauce with oatmeal when it was cool. He had a blast feeding himself the sticky cracker pieces and ended up absolutely filthy, necessitating an immediate trip to the bathtub after breakfast!

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