Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another consignment score!

I ran over to the Just Between Friends consignment sale this afternoon and finally found some blocks for Ben. I got a 75-pc MegaBlox set for $8 and also got the Little People farm for a fantastic $4! He loves animals and making animal sounds so it will hopefully be a big hit. It doesn't have any people or animals with it, but those can easily be bought later. So that will probably pretty much do it as far as big birthday & Christmas gifts for Ben along with the Little People market I got at the last sale. Ben was napping when I came home, so the gifts are safely hidden in the basement. I also found some jeans and shirts for him which should round out his fall wardrobe nicely.

Something I forgot to list in Ben's 20-month post was his new obsession with rice. He didn't even like it to begin with, but has gotten used to it and lately started pleading, "Wice, please?" almost every night when we're making dinner. We really don't know when or why he decided it was the best thing ever. He should be thrilled when he finds out we're having chicken tikka masala with rice tonight!

Ben had a great time kicking and carrying a ball around this morning. He even figured out how to carry it up the stairs.

He also decided that the variety pack of local Boulevard Beer we bought to share with Neilam & Jen next week was a perfect-sized seat.

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Jennie said...

Sam loves her LP Farm!!!