Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drummer boy

Ben has been enjoying clomping around the kitchen in his shoes, especially when "Do-Re-Mi" ( or "re-mi-do?" as he says) is on the iPod speaker. It is one of his current favorites, probably due to the YouTube video of a flash mob dancing to it in Antwerp. He had a little meltdown the other night because we refused to let him listen to it a third time while we were making dinner!

The other day he decided to follow me around by clomping on the hardwood and so I turned it into a stop/start game. Video is on our YouTube page here (there are also a few other videos that have been posted in the last few week). I was tired by the time he finally agreed to give up!

Ben has also been in a very musical mode the last few days, singing, dancing and drumming up a storm! He will sit in his crib or high chair and repeat words of favorite songs, like "Twinkle '"  or "rain, ah ah ah" for the Raffi song "If All the Raindrops." He loves the Remo drum that Uncle Tony gave him and likes carrying it around, hitting it, yelling into the bottom, and sometimes sitting on it (we're working on extinguishing that!). But sometimes he runs into a little trouble carrying it up the stairs, as seen here.

I can't imagine what he will think when he sees Uncle Tony's big drum set in November!

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