Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day at the park

On Sunday we met friends at Harris Memorial Park and the kids played for an hour or so before we headed off for lunch at the always good Waldo Pizza. Ben had a blast running around and climbing up and down. He was not too sure about the swings or the slides.  We liked that they had separate playground equipment for the little kids & big kids, though Ben liked walking around (with close and nervous parental supervision!) on the big kids' playground too.

The big kids' play area is a giant castle and Ben liked looking out of the "windows."  He looks like he's imprisoned in this pic, though!

There is an old lion-shaped water fountain that Ben liked. He is also obsessed with the water fountain at school, which usually leads to water all down his shirt, so I wasn't too sad that this one no longer works!

But the best part was the vandal who channeled Admiral Ackbar:

Ben sounded excited at first about the swings, but did not like the toddler swings and was very cautious about swinging with either of us on the big swings. He was not too happy when he saw the bigger kids swinging by themselves but was told he couldn't.

Ben slid down the slides a few times by himself (feet-first on his belly, which we thought would hurt but he didn't blink!) and let us help him slide down while sitting a few times.

Didn't want to go down this slide, but loved looking down it and yelling "Tunnel!"

We will definitely come back to this park again and also plan to take Ben to Summit Waves, the water park next door, next year.

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