Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow day scenes

I stayed home from work today and Dave worked from home in expectation of the big snowstorm (I love this fake forecast map!). My offices closed around noon anyway. By this afternoon, the snow was really blowing & cars were having a lot of trouble navigating the north-south crossroad next to our house. One poor little Prius had to be pushed! This evening MODOT closed I-70 between St. Louis & Kansas City because of dangerous driving conditions. The central part of the state was really supposed to get hammered.

Ben had a pretty good day and played with his toys this morning so I could get some paperwork done too. For a special treat, I thought I would get out the Trader Joe's giant gingerbread man that my godparents sent us for Christmas (thank you, Jeanne & Dennis! All the great TJ's stuff just made us more excited for the 2 TJs that are finally opening here this year!). Ben immediately wanted to chomp down on the cookie but was wary of the icing & M&Ms I was trying to get him to put on the cookie. He actually wiped off the icing and M&M until I told him they were okay, it was a special candy treat. Then he decided the M&Ms were pretty darn good! He still didn't want anything to do with the frosting but did allow me to help him put a little yogurt on for eyes. Then he just wanted to chow down!

(Note:  This video was too big to host on Blogger, the way we usually do it, so we hosted it on YouTube & linked that. That's the reason you'll see thumbnails for other unrelated videos afterward - YouTube just searches for other videos with the same generic numerical name and suggests those.)

We also did a lot of singing (Aunt Jen, you got "Happy Birthday" sung to you about 10x! Opa & Great-Grandma also did, but it's not their real birthday!) and playing with the new wooden school bus that Mr. D. made for Ben. He loves rolling it on the floor & singing "The Wheels on the Bus."

We will see how tomorrow's commute looks. My family back in Michigan is expecting snow tonight & tomorrow too. Hope everyone is staying warm!

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molly said...

Don't ya just hate how cold it is right now? I wish I could bring the beach back for everyone!

But the blizzard and all the hubbub about it was kind of fun anyway.

p.s. Landon LOVES to sing The Wheels on the Bus :)