Friday, March 25, 2011

Under the weather

Ben was pretty congested last night and today he's not feeling very well. His temperature isn't much above normal but his poor nose has been running all day long and he's really practicing his heavy mouth-breathing technique. He spent most of the day curled up with me or on the other couch with a glazed look in his eyes. We watched some TV, read some Dr. Seuss stories and he played with his toys a little, but his frustration tolerance and energy are low. His nap seemed to help a little. I think another kid in his daycare class was ill earlier in the week so I'm guessing he picked that up. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

Dave has been in California since Tuesday on a business trip but is on his way back from the KC airport right now. We got to have a video chat with him on Wednesday and Ben seems to understand that Daddy went on an airplane for work. We are both looking forward to having him back home tonight!

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Anonymous said...

Please feel better soon, Benjamin. You are our Little Mr. Sunshine.

Hugs and kisses,
Grammie & Papa