Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ben's week

Last week Ben asked, "Bunny can play piano?" He climbed up and sat with the bunny that his great-grandma gave him for Easter and helped Bunny play the keys with his ears!

I was away at our hospice's bereavement camp this weekend, and while I was gone, Ben decided his tent was the best place ever. He camped out in it with a large selection of stuffed animals and books.

He has also been having a lot of fun with his Mr. Potato Head, especially the mustaches. Sometimes he has very specific rules for how you are & are not allowed to put the Mr. PH or other toys together, but it's usually hard to tell other than a general sense of "Mommy, you're doing it wrong." Decoding a 2-year-old's rules for play is very confusing!

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molly said...

awwww, I love that he's playing the piano. Landon and Brigham love to play grandma's piano!

Question: I saw you said hospice. Do you work for a hospice company? Just wondering because I do so I was intrigued.

p.s. thank you for being so supportive on my blog. I truly appreciate every kind word and thought from you.