Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cooking with Ben: Hummus edition

Last Friday Ben & I ventured to one of the newly opened Trader Joe's, which was finally having a slow day after the initial shopping rush. One of the new things we picked up was a package of frozen falafel. Dave and I have tried to make them from a mix before and failed miserably, so we thought we'd try these. They were good and went well with the hummus that Ben helped me make. It wasn't quite as good as Mrs. Kennedy's model, but still delicious! Here are some of his tips:

Dump in the ingredients (he was especially enthusiastic with the lemon juice & olive oil):

Grind the pepper (tough for little hands!) and make sure we put in all of the ingredients:

Decide to eat all of the minced raw garlic pieces that were left in the measuring spoon:

Stare at the food processor spinning:

Stir, sample, evaluate:

Get really excited at the finished product!


Sarah said...

Excellent! I surprised there are no photos of Ben crying after eating raw garlic. wow.

Em said...

He kept going back for more! It was the refrigerated minced garlic so it's in tiny pieces, but he probably ate a good 1/2 clove total! Good thing I'd already closed the jar or he might've scooped more.

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed by your continued and improving cooking skills (with Mommy's encouragement, patience and help of course)and intend to write to Guy and let him he better get ready for a smack-down with you:O


Beth said...

these photos were awesome. Fun times cooking with little ones!