Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ben's valentines

After denying last week that his teachers had said anything about handing out valentines to his pre-K classmates, Ben changed his story and decided a) they were handing them out and b) he wanted to bring some. My requirements for the valentines were that they were simple, inexpensive, and didn't have candy or animated characters/superheros he talks about but really doesn't know anything about on them.  Pinterest saved the day and pointed me toward these cute magnifying glass valentine printables from Dandee. Ben loved the magnifying glasses they had in his last classroom and adores PBS' "Sid the Science Kid" who uses one frequently, so I thought it would be a hit. As a bonus, 12-packs of magnifying glasses were only $3 at the party supply store! Ben had fun either writing his name or using rubber stamps (or both) on the valentines and was excited to have his very own magnifying glass.

And here are a couple random pics from the last few weeks of us playing Ben's new favorite game, Crazy Eights, and the kids cracking each other up!

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