Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our weekend

We had a pretty low-key weekend, which was nice. Ben had soccer on Saturday morning and enjoyed himself and talked to some of the other kids. He balked a little when it came time to scrimmage, but with Dave's encouragement, he joined in and was so proud that his team "won." Elizabeth enjoyed walking around the grass, picking dandelions, tearing up helicopter leaves, and making faces at the baby sitting nearby.

Elizabeth is now able to climb up onto Rocking Panda and one of our armchairs independently and is so proud of herself!

Last month the babywearing group I belong to had a spring picnic. We won the raffle prize of an orange doll wrap for kids to wear (can also double as a wonderfully soft scarf!). Ben has seen me wrap Elizabeth on my back so he wanted me to help him use the doll wrap today. Elephant got a piggy back ride and hung around with Ben as he read books for a while this morning.

Dave was mowing the lawn around lunchtime today and called us out to see a turtle who had camped out in our front lawn! He had a unusually long tail compared to the turtles we've seen before. Dave carried him over to the field behind the neighbor's house and set him free there. The kids thought it was really cool. Elizabeth really wanted me to let her down to grab it!

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