Saturday, December 28, 2013

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

The weather got up to an unseasonably warm 54 degrees here today, so we took advantage of it with a short trip to the zoo. It's going to drop to a high of 19 tomorrow, so we wanted to enjoy it while it lasted! The new penguin exhibit opened earlier this fall but this was the first we'd been out to see it. It was really great. We also saw the polar bear, otters, peacock, bobcat, and a few other random animals. It was also warm enough to enjoy a picnic outdoors before we went home!

We were so close we could've reached over the glass and picked up a Humboldt penguin!

Elizabeth holding her stuffed penguin and watching the Humboldts

Ben talking with the Humbolts

These penguins were really fast swimmers

Ben chatting with a white-tail deer

Elizabeth and Dave taking an after-lunch walk

Brilliant blue poison dart frog

Elizabeth looking through the window at the meerkats all looking out the other window

Climbing on the tree at the Discovery Barn

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