Thursday, June 12, 2014

May pics

Dave ran the Chiefs' "Finish on the 50" 5K on May 10. The kids and I went to watch him run and actually got to go on the field at Arrowhead Stadium when the runners were coming in. Ben was in hog heaven!!

Ben and Dave met the Chiefs' mascot, KC Wolf. Elizabeth was in my arms, repeatedly  stating, "I not like KC Woof!" She now demands to see this picture regularly and will vacillate between "I like KC Woof" and "I no like him."

Elizabeth had outgrown the toddler Chiefs outfit she had, so while we were there, we got her a new Chiefs t-shirt, which she adores. If you ask her, she can identify her "Go Chiefs" and "Go Woyals" shirts by their logos. Sadly not pictured: the runner dressed in a Pope outfit, complete with pope hat with Chiefs' logo.

My Uncle Bill has been finding & fixing up bikes and set two aside for the kids. They are absolutely thrilled and ask to ride just about every day. With our house being at the top of a hill, that's a little difficult, but we have a dead end nearby, so that has been a good place for Ben to ride.

Ben's first try on the bike.

Bright new helmet!

Elizabeth's ready to race on her tricycle!

For Mother's Day we went to Ingredient & the kids (and whichever adults they roped in) had a good time playing on the green space outside the restaurant after brunch.

After running around and playing with the water, Elizabeth decided to start dancing to her own music. She has a wonderfully silly sense of humor and likes being goofy at times. This was one of those times!

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