Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Check me out! No, seriously, check me out!

A great surprise arrived in the mail yesterday. Well, it was only a surprise since I'd forgotten that we ordered it. We haven't really done much shopping for the baby yet, although we are starting to look at furniture & build our shopping lists, but this adorable onesie was one of the things we had on our "must buy" list as soon as we saw it on Homestar Runner. We know that Eric will approve!

The detail:

It's baby Trogdor!! For those of you unfamiliar with Trogdor or Strong Bad's e-mails at all, brush up here.

And while you're at it, waste some time playing the Trogdor game (made to look like one of the games Tony & I used to play on the Commodore) and watching our other favorite Strong Bad e-mail, Fhqwgads. Dave got me the DVDs of the SB e-mails a couple years ago, and I showed them to my mom when she was visiting me in Columbus. After I went upstairs, I could still hear her watching them and laughing like a nut :)

Other baby stuff photos to come, including the KC Royals onesies I found at Target and a hand-me-down blanket from my cousin Andi...or hand-me-back, as I guess the case would be, since I knitted it for her daughter Phoebe and she sweetly decided she wanted to pass it back so it can be a shared family blanket for our baby.


Anonymous said...

Ok, now that is just adorable... and perfect for the Olschki baby!

Cara and Russ

David said...

If you like that, wait until you see the "I am NOT a drug mule!" shirt we got him for trips on airplanes!