Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quick update

The baby has been kicking up a storm the last few days. I could feel a couple of gentle kicks late last week, but he has really gotten active since Sunday. The kicks are still too light for Dave to be able to feel them. I can't be sure, but I think the baby might like hummus, as he seems to be really kicking about a half-hour after I've eaten it. I could just be imagining the connection...although I'll probably still tell Mrs. Kennedy that I'm sure it's her hummus recipe that he likes so much! :)

We are starting to sort out the incredible variety of nursery furniture & baby stuff on the market. It is kind of overwhelming, and after the third crib or rocker, they really all start to blend together. We do have a great book called Baby Bargains that has a lot of product reviews and ratings which has been helpful in narrowing things down.

We have also been keeping busy working on the lawn now that it's cooled down a little. Dave noticed Monday that our side yard is looking a lot more filled in than it was at the beginning of the season. The grass seed we put there last fall didn't work fast, but it seems like it is working, so we are thrilled. Check out the degree to which the lawn has healed itself:

April '08

August '08

My dad gave us an extra set of electric hedge trimmers, so I attacked the front bushes the other day. It is so much easier than using the manual clippers! I may not have much advanced technique, but what I lack in finesse, I more than make up for in virulent animosity towards the insanely fast-growing bushes and enthusiasm for knocking them down to size!

A minor note: I fixed the blog's comment settings so anyone can comment. I didn't realize that we had them set to only allow Gmail users to post until my mom pointed it out . Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe... the little bundle of joy is kicking after the hummus to tell you NO MORE!!! Ha! Ha!

Love you guys!
Cara and Russ

Beth said...

i love you for many reasons, but one reason is definitely because you just used the phrase "virulent animosity."