Monday, November 10, 2008

The Things We've Handed Down

I recently stumbled on a children's CD called "Down at the Sea Hotel" recorded by various modern folk singers. It's kind of a hit and miss collection: some beautiful songs that are new to me ("Midnight in Missoula") interspersed with covers that I was already familiar with but aren't quite up to the originals' standards ("Dreamland" and "Goodnight, My Angel"). My favorite track, though, is a lovely, poignant John Gorka cover of a Marc Cohn song called "Things We've Handed Down." I couldn't find a video of the Gorka version, so here is the Cohn version. I keep getting choked up while listening to it, wondering what our little guy is going to be like.

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Momski said...


I loved the song and I too had misted up while listen to it and trying to imaging what "our" little guy will be like. I have been thinking about him so much as we count down to his arrival.

I know one thing for certain....Baby O is going to have two terrific, kind and loving parents in you and Dave and life will never be the same as you start this amazing journey together.