Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Benjamin, weeks 2-4

Ben has been doing well and has been a real trooper on outings. He doesn't particularly like being put in his carseat, but as soon as we're on the road, he's out like a light, and often sleeps through the entire trip, whether it's to Target or out to lunch. He is still baffled by those vicious hiccups which keep attacking him through no fault of his own, and usually looks at us like, "What's going on, and why aren't you stopping it?"

He has already started to outgrow a few outfits, including this cute giraffe onesie he was wearing while spending time with his Grandma Betsy:

Ben also got his first real bath last night, since he now has a belly button instead of an umbilical cord stump. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth on Ben's part and some struggling to hold onto a slippery, writhing baby on my part. But I think it went about as well as could be expected, and hopefully he'll learn to enjoy bathtime, or at least not freak out quite so much as he gets more used to it.

He has been sleeping in his Pack 'n' Play in our room and has given us a few nights where he goes for 4 hours between feedings. Most nights, it's about 3 hours. Here he is swaddled in a blanket also used by the Cline, Carroll, and Gloege kids. It is a great size for swaddling!

More pictures to come!


Neilam said...

Awwww. Photos == totally adorable! Especially the one of Ben with your mom. So are we allowed to use the "G" word now? I think my mom got in trouble for calling her that a few months ago ;-)

Sarah said...

Yay for burrito wrapping the baby!

Em said...

I think she's still trying to decide what she wants to be called. Last I remember, it was either grandma or grammy...of course, when Ben starts talking, he'll probably come up with his own name, regardless of what we call her.

Beth said...

YAY a new post! So glad to read about Ben's adventures.

You are a great swaddler. :)

Amy said...

Ben is so very sweet and you all look so great! Hooray for burrito babies!

Scout's Mama said...

Ben is such a beautiful baby!

As for the "G" word, I've been calling her that from the first time the announcement was made and I haven't been reprimanded for it. ;-)


Look Photography said...

I love little Ben! Thanks for including us in this most excellent adventure you are on. Dina also didn't like bath time for quite awhile - she loves it now. (except for the hair washing part)
More photos!!
Vicki and Tom