Friday, January 30, 2009

One month old!

Benjamin was one month old on Monday! He seems to be gaining weight, although we don't have a scale to see exactly how much he weighs now. He also seems to be getting a little taller, and has outgrown a few newborn outfits already. Things are continuing to go pretty well, although Ben has fussy periods between 3:00-5:00 most afternoons. He has been sleeping in the Pack 'n' Play bassinet in our room, but yesterday took his first nap in his crib. He had another bath on Monday and did great - stayed quiet and looked around during most of it, and let me move his arms to splash the water a little. He is still not a big fan of getting his hair washed! We are planning to give him another bath tonight, so we'll see how that goes.

Ben is also still getting used to tummy time. I got out the activity mat this week, and he tried to follow the hanging rattles with his eyes a little while he was lying on his back (and then tried to chew on them when I moved them nearer). He hasn't quite gotten the visual tracking thing down yet, but is getting better!

Dave gave Ben his first bottle this week. The lactation consultant at the hospital had recommended we start trying a bottle once a day around this point so Ben could have time to get used to it by the time I have to go back to work and Ben heads to daycare. He has been doing great with it so far.

Getting put in his carseat is not Ben's favorite time, but as soon as the car starts moving, he usually conks out. He has been a fantastic traveler so far and usually sleeps through most of our errands or meals out. He even slept through a noisy trip through the car wash yesterday!


stacey said...

oh, my goodness! he has grown so much and he is so adorable!!! he looks quite handsome in the moose outfit. : )

Grammy B said...

I love all the photos but especially the first one of Ben and his big beautiful eyes looking at the orange fish in such wonderment:)

He's probably thinking... "Are you a Rock fish?" and ""Do you know Mommy’s friend, Steve??"