Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catching up...again!

Okay, so he's almost six months old now. We have had a busy few months and are way behind on posting photos. Now that I have my new iMac, which runs about 500x faster than my well-loved but steadily slowing 10-yr-old iMac, sorting through our pics and posting will be a lot easier. It's got a webcam, so we also got to have video chats with my parents & brother last week.

Ben will be six months next Friday and will be heading off to visit friends & family in Ohio & Michigan to celebrate. He will also be meeting his great-grandma Toni for the first time, and she is very excited about that.

We have had many visitors, plus a trip to Texas in the last few months. We had a wonderful visit from Uncle Tony and Jen the first weekend in April. They spent lots of time getting to know Ben and we introduced them to Kansas City barbeque.

Tony and Jen also stopped by Tony Packo's in Toledo and picked Ben up a cute onesie and bib. The food will still be too spicy for him for a few years, but we'll make sure he gets initiated once he's old enough! Tony also later sent an "I love my uncle" bib.

Tony's big hand next to Ben's small one:

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