Sunday, June 21, 2009

Memorial Day in Texas

We took our usual Memorial Day weekend trip to Texas. This year we spent a few days at the ranch and then headed back to Dallas. Calvin's dad built a nice new dock this year out at the roost lake, so the kids had a great time fishing. Calvin even let Ben borrow a pole (okay, and the fish pictured above), and we made sure he didn't start chewing on either, even though he really wanted to.

Feeding Ben a bottle in a shady spot while the rest of the gang got the fishing gear ready to go:

The girls checking out a fish that Lindsay caught:

Bobby & Hannah playing with Ben. Bobby was so sweet in trying to comfort Ben by patting his head or trying to bounce him in his bouncer when Ben started getting fussy.

We headed back to Dallas on Sunday and Howard & Sarah hosted a cookout. While the food was being prepared, the bigger kids played in the swing and the bounce house. Bobby was having such a great time on the swing:

Still to come: a post about the colorfully-named streets of rural Texas, and baptism pictures.

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