Saturday, October 10, 2009

9 Month Stats

Benjamin went to the doctor for his 9-month checkup on October 3. He is doing well keeping his height & weight in proportion and the doctor said that he should be crawling and clapping soon. We also have the okay to start him on table food and anything except milk, shellfish, fresh strawberries, peanuts, and honey. He has been doing better with finger foods this week and has tried Cheerios, puffs, bread, pancakes, crackers, and banana chunks. Daycare also started adding pureed meat (yum!) into his lunches. He's got 2 teeth each on the top & bottom and is working on another top tooth.

His 9-month stats are:
Height: 30" -95th percentile (the doc thinks maybe the last checkup's measurement was wrong)
Weight: 22.5 lbs -75th percentile
Head circumference: 46.2 cm - 75th percentile

Ben's favorite activities at 9 months are scooting, army crawling, chewing/drooling on things, babbling (often at high volumes), standing with help, watching people clap, playing the English/Spanish drum Uncle Tony got him over and over and over, and playing with his rubber ducks, blocks, books, and our watches.

In more depressing news, neither Dave nor I have a team in the MLB playoffs. Ben & I tried to cheer on the Tigers in their tiebreaker game with the Minnesota Twins, but even Ben's cute shirt was not enough of a good luck charm for the Tigers to pull off a win. Oh well, there's always hockey and basketball...

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