Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ben at 10 months

Ben had a busy weekend. On Friday, he and I went to a consignment sale, where we got him a winter coat, snowpants, shirt with a banjo on it, The Very Hungry Caterpillar (he already had his much-loved stuffed VH Caterpillar from Ruth & Dick, so we found him the book to match), and a few other books to replace the ones I've taken to use with clients. We also scored an activity table for $15, which helps him work on his kneeling & standing. He has been having a lot of fun with it.

On Sunday, we went with friends and their two little ones for Ben's first pumpkin patch outing. Thankfully, Angela looked at the forecast & suggested going as soon as it opened, which meant that we were finished by the time it started to sprinkle, and to lunch by the time it began to pour. Ben was still too young for most of the activities at the pumpkin patch, but he seemed to enjoy watching the people & animals.

They had a little petting farm with some sheep, llama, goats, donkey, watusi (Dave liked that it was named Greinke after the Royals' pitcher!), rabbits, and buffalo.

Ben meets the llama.

His favorite seemed to be the goat. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it at first, but then seemed fascinated.

Ben decided he needed more cowbell. Sadly, he did actually end up developing a fever later in the day, for which he needed Tylenol in addition to more cowbell, but he was feeling much better yesterday & today.

We picked out a few small pumpkins, since we decided we didn't have time to carve a big one this week. I'm going to let Ben try finger-painting one or two, and cook the third pie pumpkin for Ben. We still let him examine some of the bigger ones, but he was feeling kind of rotten by this point, and also wasn't too sure about sitting on the ground.

At ten months, Ben is very chatty, is army-crawling all over, and is doing well standing up with something to hold on to. He loves his teddy bear, blocks, and musical toys. He is doing well with finger foods & tried spaghetti for the first time yesterday. We do regular video chats with my parents and brother, and Ben is getting more interested in those and will perk up when he sees their faces. He is generally a very happy little boy and such a joy to watch grow and learn!

We are looking forward to my parents' visit this weekend and Ben wearing his Halloween costume again!

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