Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ben's First Haircut

Today we took Ben to get his first haircut. His hair was getting long in the back & sides, hanging in his eyes and the top seemed to stick up in 10 different directions some mornings! Neither Dave nor I wanted anything to do with taking scissors near a squirmy 13-month old's head, so we took him to a salon that specializes in kids' haircuts. He got to sit in a bright yellow car and liked investigating the mirrors and steering wheel. He was a bit distracted by the other kids in the salon and got a little restless after a few minutes, but we sang some of his favorite songs to get him to sit still. The stylist did a great job of going with his movements and he ended up with a very nice trim.

Before, showing off his suddenly beloved stuffed animal collection:



We'd been worried about how Ben would react, but overall, he did a great job during the cut and was so bubbly and smiley when we went to lunch afterward. He was flirting with the other people in line and even reached his hand out from his high chair to hold hands with a lady passing by! Thankfully, we'd just cleaned all the crumbs off his hands!

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Debbie Reinbolt said...

What an extremely handsome little guy!
He's growing up so fast.
Grammie Bette told me about his haircut so I had to come here and see it for myself.
Love it! :-)