Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Ben pics

We've got so many pictures from the last two months that we haven't posted, so here are a few. We have been busy with a visit from Em's parents, a Super Bowl party, and the unfortunate sharing of various bugs. We are hoping for a healthier latter half of February!

Our Red Wings haven't been having the best season -3rd in their division - but Ben loved his new outfit from Grammie & Grandpa.

Ben's funniest birthday gift was A Guide to the Human Eye board book that Merck inexplicably gave to Grandma Jerry's office, where she is an RN with a retina specialist. We're not really sure who the target audience is, as it's clearly written for adults but in a board book form for babies. But Ben has enjoyed looking at the many diagrams of healthy & diseased eyes, and chewing on them too. Here he is examining a drawing of a healthy eye.

Last weekend Ben suddenly decided that it was imperative for him to hold on to 2 stuffed animals at all times. They've been in his crib for months, and he has paid occasional attention to them, but they are now some of his favorite playmates. He decided to carry Puppy & Teddy up and down the stairs on Sunday while Dave & I were getting ready for the Super Bowl party. He sat on his truck looking outside and played with the two animals for a good 15 minutes. He has dragged them all over the house in the past few days. When they are not readily available, he's substituted some of his Little People figures and somehow manages to hold them and successfully navigate the stairs on his own.

He is a little puzzled when we put him in his crib at night, though, and he's got Puppy, Teddy, and his new Duckie from Aunt Heather, Uncle Jeremy, and Elli. 3 cute animals and only 2 arms to hold them! What a dilemma! The other morning I heard him wake up and happily chatter away to them for several minutes; it was only when he'd dropped all 3 out of his crib that he started crying for me to come get him!

Sleep has been a little bit of a struggle lately, probably due to teething and illness. But it seems like the past several days, Ben has been sleeping better. He didn't nap well on Friday or Saturday, but on Sunday he took a good morning nap and decided to put himself down for his afternoon nap a couple of hours earlier than the middle of the hallway!

But he got a good nap and enjoyed all the people at the Super Bowl party. He got to try a lot of food (he LOVES Mrs. K's famous hummus!), and when we told him he'd had enough food, he decided blocks were a good substitute! After so much excitement, he was asleep about a minute after we put him in his crib.

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