Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today was kind of a fussy teething day for Ben. Poor thing is busting out another molar and was a little out of sorts unless it was mealtime. He & I did some laps through the halls of church when he got too wiggly to sit in the pew. Thankfully, he was all smiles at dinner with the family!

We had a nice, simple Easter basket for him, filled with his favorites - yogurt drops, fruit/veggie puffs, and goldfish, which thrilled him. His grandma & Opa also gave him an Itsy Bitsy Spider book that plays music and a yummy fudge egg with his name on it from Laura Little's.  As we don't want him to get any cavities, we'll be taking care of that egg for him! Ben was also thrilled with his $1 Target bowl that served as his Easter basket. We didn't get around to dyeing or hiding eggs this year, but look forward to doing it next year.

He was pretty squirmy so these are the best pictures we could get of his cute Easter outfit. We had to pop open one of the containers of sweet potato puffs to get him to pause for a few seconds.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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