Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Pictures

The weather has cooled down a little and we had a lovely day to go to the kite festival Saturday. We went last year but Ben really was too young to think much of it. We met up with a friend from work & her husband, and then ran into another friend from work, her husband & son on our way in! Ben loved watching all the people and the kites as we picnicked. He even crawled out onto the grass on his own! He is getting better at walking on the uneven grass, holding one hand of an adult, but also stood by himself for a few seconds a couple of times and took one step yesterday! We think he could walk any time he puts his mind to it and decides it's better than crawling or being carried.

They had to cordon off an area near us later in the afternoon because a poor bird was flying around, freaking out and squealing as the kites and people got too near her little nest. It was really the saddest sound! I can't imagine what her little bird mind thought of the giant, colorful flying creatures dive-bombing her eggs!

Ben still loves babbling and yelling into his drums, bowls, Tupperware, hats, anything! He was having a very musical evening Saturday, drumming, playing his xylophone, and chattering into his drum. He has been really chatty this weekend and has been saying "baby" and "puppy" and working on "please" with lots of prompting.

Tonight Ben finally decided that he could use the piano stool as intended. Yesterday I was trying to model that and he just kept sitting on his drum and drumming on the stool! He was quite focused on playing tonight and would hit the keys again if Dave signed "more music."

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