Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ben's new word

Ben is already good at saying or signing "more" and is even getting closer to the actual sign instead of his original clapping approximation. We decided to work on adding "please" to his mealtime requests and he has picked it up quickly. It usually comes out "peash" or "peas" as his l's aren't too good yet. However, he still hasn't quite grasped that just saying "please" doesn't get you whatever you want, right at that moment. He was trying to get my lemonade yesterday and seemed to think that if he said "please" enough times with a sweet look on his face, that would be the magic combination to get the drink.

Ben also seems to be in a kind of window of learning this last week or so- he's talking so much and trying so hard to imitate new words and new signs. It's really fun to watch!


Anonymous said...


Peas or peash...we just LOVE seeing you and all the new things you are learning:)
Please tell Momma that Grammie was the one who started teaching you to say "please' while she was helping you eat;)
The 'eating' part needed no help with:)
Grammie B.

Jerry said...

This has to be my all-time favorite. I've shown it to anyone who just happened to make the mistake of walking too close to my computer today at work. Everyone else thought it was adorable - or maybe they were just trying to get away quickly from the crazed grandmother!