Monday, May 24, 2010

A few photos

Here are some pictures of Ben from the last few weeks. He has been chatting up a storm!

He is still working on walking, but now will stand on the stairs and use the banister (with supervision!) to walk up or down the stairs. Unless he decides it's time for a quick belly slide down the stairs, just for fun! (Or to run away from Mommy who is trying to get him to bed!) He has also discovered that if he stands on the 3rd step, he can reach the light switches and spend minutes flipping them on & off!

"Bath" is now one of Ben's favorite signs. It may look like he's trying to sing opera in the photo below, but I think he's just signing "bath." We have to be careful not to use the word around him unless it's bath time because he gets very disappointed! He really loves splashing and playing with his bath toys. We've started saying "bye bye" to the water as we drain the bath to work on transitions, but it is still a challenge to get him out of the tub & dried off without a major protest.

Ben's stuffed animals regularly get hugs & kisses & occasional nibbles. He adores his teddy & puppy but also is the third generation to cuddle with Georgie, below.  In the mornings he will often point to the stuffed animals next to his bookcase and ask to "peash" have them in his crib until he ends up with a whole pile. Even his beloved animals aren't immune from his new game of holding something up high and dropping it with enthusiastic force! Here are some photos of his gentler moments.

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