Friday, December 10, 2010

Playing around

We are gradually recovering from the random throat ailment that Ben & Dave had and my strep throat. Ben was a pretty sad little guy Wednesday and part of Thursday and still is kind of sensitive and easily teary. But things are on the upswing and we have had some fun this week!

Ben sat in the living room chair and read to himself. This is Freight Train, a favorite picture book.

Playing around with his cat puppet. He also has inherited the koala and alligator puppets I had as a kid. He thinks it's hilarious when someone else has the puppet and says, "Hi Ben!" through the puppet.

Decided to try on Daddy's shoes...for some reason, he kept putting one on backwards & one on forwards. I was amazed at how far he managed to walk that way without falling!

Getting Big Sleepies to chase off the germs, curled up with his stuffed animals and blanket. We really don't know how he can comfortably sleep in some of the positions he does...he sometimes flops down on top of several stuffed animals or has the blanket bunched up under his belly while his head and neck are contorted into all sorts of crazy positions.

Ben is also getting ready to move up to the two-year-old classroom on Monday! He has spent time in there over the last few weeks and reportedly done well. I'm sure he will miss Miss Tierney & Miss April in the older toddler class - they have been wonderful teachers this year and he talks about them all the time at home! He even sang "Happy Birthday" to them last week when he was on a singing spree in his crib instead of being asleep!

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Jennie said...

Sam sleeps on her buddies and blanket that way too!! Crazy!