Friday, December 17, 2010

Everyone needs a crying with Santa picture

...and Ben got his today.

We did get a calmer one.

That green elf over on the side looks kind of evil, though. I think he's plotting something.

Ben was just having a moody morning and started being more clingy as we got toward the front of the line.  God bless the sweet Santa at Bass Pro; he was really good with Ben and all of the other kids! Plus, the pictures are free! Ben did like getting to see the model train set and the duck pond after the pictures. For some reason, although he liked the giant fish tank before seeing Santa, he started crying when we brought him back afterward.

Tony & Jen arrived last night and they got to witness Ben's Santa meltdown and his subsequent refusal to take good naps for the rest of the day.  However, Ben did turn on the charm when we went to the pediatrician this afternoon for his 2-year-old well checkup. Other than a little eczema, everything is looking good and his developmental skills are where they should be.

His current stats are:
Height: 36 1/4" (92nd %ile- the height of the average 2.75 year old!)
Weight: 32 lbs (89th %ile)
Head circumference: 19.75 cm (86th %ile)

The doctor said all of his measurements are in line with each other and following the same growth curve they have been. Other than some eczema & chapped cheeks, everything was fine! Ben really liked the stethoscope and was impatient for the doc to listen to his heart. He'd spent a good portion of Cookie Baking Day last weekend running around trying to use Grandma's stethoscope to listen to his heart go "bah-buh."

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