Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ben's tent

Ben is finally feeling better, though he is still what would be labeled at daycare as "sensitive" at times. He is definitely a two-year-old testing his limits! Sometimes they use a tent at Ben's daycare as a place that kids can go to read or chill out, and his teacher said he enjoys it. We decided to get him one for home (thanks to Jennie for the Target tip!). He was a little afraid of it at first but now thinks it's great, especially for hiding in if it's time for a diaper change or a nap! This morning he camped out in it and looked through his books and photo album.

Ben has already enjoyed the culinary goodness at Arthur Bryant's & Jack Stack BBQ several times. Today we were headed to US Toy for some craft supplies for Ben and decided to head next door and add to his barbecue education with some Gates BBQ for lunch. I hadn't been to that location before but it was a little less intimidating, at least with the lunch crowd. At the location near UMKC, they yell their "Hi, may I help you?" riff as soon as you set foot in the door. The State Line location was a little busy so we actually had to wait a minute before they called out to us. Ben enjoyed sharing my ham sandwich & Dave's burnt ends and kept trying to steal my fries!

He loved playing outside yesterday and we'll try to give him extra outside time this weekend as the weather is supposed to be gorgeous!


Anonymous said...


I loved your new tent and hope I will get invited in when I come to visit;)
Other things I LOVED about the pictures of you in the tent...
#1 You were wearing color coordinated pj's;)
You were looking at Grandma O's picture in your picture book.Your BIG cheesy smile)
#2 Being your usual adorable self both in person and in your picture book;)
#3 You were looking at Grammie & Papa in your picture book.
Getting a 'chicken' sticker from Daddy or Mommy for doing something good:)

Just loved all the pictures and am glad you finally got to go to Arthur Bryants for BBQ. Sure hope they gave you the recipe;O

Hugs, Grammie B

Jennie said...

So glad he is enjoying the tent!!!

Anonymous said...


You've already been to Arthur Bryant's & Jack Stack BBQ
-numerous times-so it was off to Gates BBQ you went;)

Are there any places your young epicurious self hasn't BEN to??