Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My friend Stacey flew in from Chicago last weekend to present at our regional music therapy conference. She and Ben bonded over goofy books, barbecue, and her kalimba (thumb piano). Ben has been entranced by the kalimba and the other instruments in the wonderful Bela Fleck documentary "Throw Down Your Heart," so I asked Stacey to bring her kalimba out when she visited. Ben was so excited!

Playing kalimba & making his Elmo slippers dance:

He would not let go of the kalimba to take a family photo. I'm frankly surprised that he didn't throw a fit when Stacey had to put it back in her suitcase.

For some absolutely fantastic kalimba playing, check out this scene from "Throw Down Your Heart." It's so celebratory and fun, and I'm surprised how much the kalimbas sound like steel drums.

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