Friday, July 15, 2011

Ben's crib concerts

Lately, Ben has been dozing off (or at least quiet) for 20-30 minutes after we put him to bed. Then we'll suddenly hear him talking or singing to himself. Sometimes he goes on for 15 minutes, sometimes it's 30+ before he suddenly goes quiet again. Tonight's concert has thus far included multiple repetitions of "This Old Man" (he did sing both 2 & 3, but still skips over "paddywhack" and slurs some of the rest so it sounds like "with a mick mack wiffleball a bone") and "Old MacDonald."

The other morning he'd woken up an hour earlier than usual and woke us up by singing loudly. He went through "76 Trombones" and a variety of other favorites. While I was ironing my work clothes, I also heard him say "Rock chalk, that right? Rock chalk, Jayhawk..." Dave sang that to him earlier in the week when he was wearing his KU Jayhawk shirt to daycare.

Tomorrow we have our first parent & child swim class at the YMCA. It's a 6-session class for kids 6 mos-3 yrs. We've been showing Ben some videos of kids swimming to get him used to the idea of a pool. Hopefully after the initial adjustment he will love it!

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