Saturday, July 16, 2011

Crib concerts part 2

This morning Ben woke us up by singing at the top of his lungs, though thankfully he quieted down after a while so we could get more sleep. He is also continuing his nighttime singing.

Ben was quiet for 10 minutes after being put in bed, and then we hear:
"Hi Penguin [his stuffed animal], how are you? How are you, Penguin? I'm taking my nap. I close my eyes."
--30 seconds later--
"Leave me alone, Penguin! Leave me alone!"

---5 minutes of quiet ---
"B-I-N-G-O! There was a had a dog and Bingo was his name-o, And on this farm there was a ...cow ...he says moo..."
"And on this farm he had a...A-B-C-D-EFG..Now I know my ABCs, HIJKLMNOP."

And now he's mixing "Do Re Mi" with the ABCs in a very loud voice. A few minutes later it was this version of "Happy Birthday" to his teacher Vivian and various family members. Dave caught the audio, though there's no picture as the room was dark.

Swimming class went fairly well today. We got there early and took gradually longer walks down the pool ramp before class started. Ben clung to us and said "I don't want to be in the water" several times, but the teacher kept him well-distracted with toys and games.  The promise of a post-class jellybean also helped. We'll be going for 5 more weeks.

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