Friday, May 11, 2012

Our smiley girl

Elizabeth is such a smiley, happy, generally mellow baby. She likes cooing, cuddling and watching people talk and sing and is working on learning how to laugh. She really likes staring at her big brother! We have had to get out Ben's stash of baby bibs and teethers because she's hit the super-drooly stage.

Since Elizabeth figured out how to roll over, she is generally happiest on her belly and will roll over as soon as you put her down. She likes looking around and sometimes scoots herself millimeters at a time. She was playing on her quilt earlier this week and Dave caught a series of about thirty pictures with Elizabeth looking up at "Chopped." I guess we have another Food Network fan on our hands!

Listening intently to judge Geoffrey Zakarian...

and to a very emphatic contestant who kind of looks like he's ordering her to march right upstairs and make gourmet food:

We went to Jack Stack BBQ last weekend and Elizabeth decided that after she had her bottle, she did not want to return to her baby seat. She sat and stared at Daddy's food instead.

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Grammie B said...

What nice pictures of adorable Elizabeth and her beautiful Mommy...both smiling brightly!

Elizabeth has beautiful eyes like her big brother and I can see why she likes watching him...
he's one good-looking and interesting little guy.

And nice to see Elizabeth's and Benjamin's handsome Daddy in a picture, too;)