Saturday, May 19, 2012

Elizabeth is four months old!

Elizabeth went for her four-month-old checkup yesterday. The doctor said everything looked great and she should start on rice cereal since she is burning calories by rolling a lot and scooting a little.

Her stats were:  
Height: 24 3/4" (66%ile)
Weight: 13 lbs, 14 oz. (53%ile)
Head circumference: 40.9 cm (45%ile)

So she has grown 1.5" and 2 lbs, 10 oz. since her two-month checkup and is about 2.5 pounds less than Ben was at her age, a fact for which our backs and arms are grateful!

At four months, Elizabeth loves rolling over, doesn't much like being on her back unless it's on her activity mat with hanging toys above her, drools constantly (though the doc assured us she doesn't look anywhere near to having teeth), is babbling, smiling, and starting to laugh, and is a generally happy and easygoing baby. She is just delightful! Her teachers at daycare think she may be having a growth spurt because she's been hungrier and napping for long periods of time, while still sleeping through the night most nights. She continues to adore watching her big brother and likes cuddling with some stuffed animals like the super-soft elephant Grammie and Papa got her:

Elizabeth even got to go to her first Royals game last night, though she spent most of the game walking around with a tired and grumpy Ben, who decided the game was too loud. Our friend Kristy & I walked around with him and let him play in the Kid Zone. We did swing by Guest Services on a tip from the ticket taker and got Elizabeth a certificate for her first game. She was perfectly content in her Ergo carrier for most of the time and seemed to like looking around at everything. Here we are at the end of the game next to the Royals Charities piggy bank:

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Anonymous said...

I have got to stop by your blog more often! Elizabeth is simply lovely, and getting so big! I also was struck by how a haircut makes our boys all look older. I just cut G's into a "faux-hawk" so he can pretend to have a mohawk for the last day of school, which is "crazy day"(he has been asking me all school year, and this seemed a good middle ground). Can't wait to see you all this summer! Love, love, love Sarah