Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elizabeth is five months old!

Elizabeth is a cheery, still mostly mellow five-month-old. She likes to babble, play with her feet, chew on things, watch her big brother's every move, and roll and inchworm like crazy. She's still figuring out rice cereal. She seems to enjoy riding in our wraps and Ergo carrier and will often fall asleep while being worn. Little is safe from her drool! She is getting better at sitting in a wobbly tripod for a short time if we position her that way and still prefers being on her tummy.

Ben saw that his Billy Butler Royals shirt was clean one morning, and after deciding to wear it, he grabbed Elizabeth's Royals shirt and brought it in to our room so she could match.

Hanging out with her super-soft bear blanket, which became another victim of the drool monster!

Enjoying Rocking Panda:

I still had our work parachute in my trunk after our bereavement camp, so I told Ben we could play with it this weekend. It was a big hit!

Ben occasionally requests to hold Elizabeth, though sometimes we suspect it's more of a bedtime stalling technique than actual desire to cuddle with his sister! He is generally very sweet with her, though, and she absolutely adores watching him!

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