Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elizabeth's baptism

Elizabeth Grace was baptized on June 2 at her great-grandmother's church, where many other family members have also been baptized over the years. My parents came in from Michigan and my grandmother sent her baptismal outfit, which was in pretty good shape for being about ninety years old! Dave's parents recently returned from a trip to the Benelux countries and brought back a pair of exquisite Belgian lace booties.

She immediately tried to grab the stole (?) and chew on it. She was also fascinated with the candle and tried to grab it several times!

With godparents Angela & Rob:

Not a great shot of Elizabeth, but a good view of the beautiful Belgian lace booties:


Sarah said...

How precious! Both that you and your family are SO adorable, and that you are giving your children an imperishable inheritance in the heavenly places.

tbonegrl said...

Beautiful outfit! What great pictures!!