Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quick photo blast

We have a backlog of photos...I don't even think we've posted any yet from our Ohio/Michigan trip back in July. But here are a few recent ones.

We just got out the Exersaucer for Elizabeth and will be putting away her playmat, since she's crawling like a madwoman now. Both she and Ben think that climbing through the saucer part is just as much fun as its intended use.

More proof that Ben still thinks that store-bought toys are great, but the boxes they come in are just as good.

We had music time on a lazy Saturday morning when Ben & I were still in our pajamas and Elizabeth was stripped down to her diaper after her messy breakfast of baby food. Ben kept wanting to take the instruments back to the corner of the family room and "play in the background." This was a thinly disguised plan to hoard all of the instruments for himself! Elizabeth thinks the plastic drum mallet is even better as a teether.

1 comment:

Grammie B. said...

I have watched this video of Benjamin & Elizabeth
so many times and still manage to laugh so hard each time that I .....fall out of my chair;) OUCH!!

What an entertaining BIG brother Benjamin is for Elizabeth and what a great second banana Elizabeth is
for all of Benjamin's comedies!

Two beautiful and precious children and "Yes!' I am slightly biased;)