Friday, September 14, 2012

Elizabeth at 7 months

I just realized I had this in drafts and never posted it. Seeing as how Elizabeth turned 8 months old yesterday, I thought I should toss it up before her 8 mo. pictures!

Elizabeth is 17 pounds, 7.5 ounces, so she's gained a pound in the last month. She spiked a fever two weekends ago and was diagnosed with a viral sore throat. All she wanted to do for a few days was be held on someone's chest and it was pretty sad. She perked up mid-week and was in fine social form for our friends Neilam and Jen, who flew in from California to spend Labor Day weekend.

She loves to stand and is a crawling maniac!

Stairs! These are awesome!

Ben "helping" to feed her

Trying to grab my food at Arthur Bryant's (who can blame her?)

Hanging out with Jen

She is doing pretty well with baby food and seems to be catching on to the use of a sippy cup for water. We started giving her some puffs (little cereal-like things that melt in your mouth) and she is still confused about what to do with them.

Her Opa was singing a German clapping song to her on Monday and she started clapping by herself. She is really proud of this and got so excited about it the other day that she nearly tipped herself over backward.

Elizabeth is crawling like crazy and is working on pulling herself up to a standing position. She enjoys standing at her activity table and even slowly cruised around it last night.

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