Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun night at the Royals

This year we signed Ben up for the Royals' kids' club, The Blue Crew. They get some Royals swag and coupons. Last week they also sent out a set of 4 free tickets to tonight's game against the Angels. We had a bit of a rocky outing last time because Ben decided that everything was too loud, even though he'd been fine at previous games. We ended up spending most of the game walking around with him in the kids' area in the outfield where it's a little quieter. As we were leaving we saw another family whose preschool-aged daughter was wearing noise-blocking earphones and we stopped them for a recommendation. We ordered a pair from Amazon and Ben wore them for part of the game tonight and did great. He was able to take them off for a while in the middle of the game and tolerate the crowd noise fine, and then put them back on at times if the fireworks went off for a home run.

When we first got to the stadium and were walking down the concourse, I saw Slugger, the Royals' mascot and pointed him out to Ben. Ben got so excited he started jumping up and down. Slugger came over and patted him on the head and we followed him to the autograph signing, where Ben also got to meet the mascots (Sasquatch & bird) of two minor-league affiliates.

It was a perfect night for a ballgame and it was also Buck Night, so we sat at picnic tables in the outfield and had our $1 hot dogs, then walked around the Outfield Experience.

Dave & Ben at the George Brett statue

Emily, Elizabeth & Ben in front of the fountains. The kids did not want to look toward the camera since it was the opposite direction from the cool fountains!

Dancing to "Friends in Low Places" during the 6th inning

We left at the top of the 8th inning as it was way past the kids' bedtimes. Ben left saying, "We should come back again!" After we left, the Royals promptly blew their lead and lost 9-7. But it was still a lovely evening!

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