Saturday, March 16, 2013

Our cute munchkins

Cousin Joseph (6'10") has calmed a restless Elizabeth at our last two extended family breakfasts by helping her fly. She had the biggest smile on her face and then happily sat with him for a long time afterward, which is rare in her current clinging-to-parents phase.

One of Elizabeth's favorite things to do at school is to rock the baby dolls. She was cuddling one of her baby dolls this morning while Ben was watching "Veggie Tales"... at least until she unceremoniously dropped him on his head next to Dave.

 Ben was out sick for a day and a half with a stomach bug. On his second day home, he and Dave built towers our of Solo cups. We got him a pack of them for Christmas after he and his cousins spent almost an hour building with them over Thanksgiving. As you can see from the third photo, he was most enthusiastic about knocking it down!

Ben is rocking his way through the BOB book series and is in the final box set. We have him read one most nights as well as reading a regular book to him. Elizabeth wanted a front row seat on story time this night!

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